Cyber Snackz


"Cyber Snackz™ Adventures in Cybersecurity” is  an introductory cybersecurity activity book centered around a team of adorable animals who work in different areas of cybersecurity. 

The activity book was developed by a group of parents, educators, and cybersecurity professionals with a passion for investing in the next generation. The goal is to engage elementary school students to teach them age-appropriate cybersecurity principles in a fun and educational way with activities guided by a relatable cast of animal characters with engaging activities and coloring pages. We hope you enjoy the activity book like so many others have!

Meet the Toy Box, a World Class Cyber Team 

The Toy Box is group of pets that teach kids about computers and technology. It is our hope that children will identify with one or more of these characters of various animal species. Let's meet the team.

Cyber Snackz™

The leader of the Toy Box is a spunky Pomeranian called Cyber Snackz™. He likes snacking and hacking and is always there for his Toy Box pals. 


She's a rabbit on a mission to make the world a safer place.


He's a slow walker but a fast coding turtle that wears cool hats.

Flash Drive

He's a flashy trouble making pug that ultimately has a good heart.


She's an out of this world smart Dachshund that likes to tinker.


He's a Lab on the cutting edge and always ready to learn new things.


She's a curious feline that enjoys gaming and flying drones.

We created a Parent's Guide with videos and additional resources so you can dive deeper into topics that are of interest to you and your children. Please watch our introduction video for the activity book.

The real life inspiration for Cyber Snackz™ debuted at HammerCon 2023 (the annual national convention of the Military Cyber Professionals Association, a tech education focused charity) as part of the book release. (Coming soon) Read about the making of the project here.

Meet the Authors:

Christine Billingsley

Christine is the Chief Operating Officer at the Military Cyber Professionals Association.  She is a creator and artist that is passionate about getting today's youth interested in cyber. She is a mom to both a human and a spunky Pomeranian.

Stephanie Travis

Stephanie is the Director of the Senior Military College Cyber Institute and Research at Virginia Tech and is completing her doctorate in Computer Science. She's an Air Force Academy grad and Cyber Officer. She is a mom to two amazing children.

Brought to you as a collaboration between

parents, educators, and cybersecurity professionals

from these organizations:

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Cyber Snackz™ is a program of the MCPA. The MCPA is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit charity and not a part of the Department of Defense or US government. 

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